Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pretend Studio Life

1. This is what my workspace looks like, for those who ever were interested. It's a section off our bedroom, which I call my pretend studio. I've been filling it up with lots of plants lately.

2. Lights hang out with me quite a bit in my pretend studio. She's currently standing on the spot where I normally do my printing.

3. I bought a Siamese fighting fish to keep me company too recently. His name is Loki. He has a bigger bowl now and I've moved him from my plant shelf to my work desk (see first pic). I've even stuck a picture of Canada, which my friend has taken and given me on his trip, behind his bowl. It looks like he's swimming in the Green Lake. He's very happy in there blowing up a bubble nest.

4. This is Sybil. She's a prototype I made out of fabric scraps I'm left with. The wavy chevron dress is her favourite frock.

5. Lights and Sybil are buddies.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flowers everyday

The hubs got me some flowers today from the nursery down the road. I think I'm going to be filling my pretend studio up with lots of them from now on. They really light up a room.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First post in the new year

1. Back from my 2 week vacay in New Zealand. It was such a great trip, got me so pumped to get back to work again. Put out a sale and received 3 local orders within a week! I rarely get locals purchasing. What can I say,  guess Singaporeans really love a sale.

2. My clothes never seem "finished" until I've chopped my stamp on them. Think it's psychological.

3. A friend came over the other night and we had a mini craft session. I really like having people over and can't wait (probably said it so many times) to have our own space.

4. Don't get me wrong. I love Lights. But hanging around her so much sometimes makes me so sleepy, what with watching her take all her cat naps. Thinking about getting a dog. Would be good to get some canine vibe going on about here. Except, that can only happen till we get our own space. Have I mentioned? Really can't wait to have our own space.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Started embroidery and I can't believe how much I love it!
Been exposed to cross stitching when I was a kid, but it really got me when I could illustrate with a needle and thread.

It started when my husband went away for a week to Fiji to do the Lord's work, that I thought to make him a hurrah-you're-home!-cum-wedding-anniversary gift.
Who would have thought I'd get hooked?

After doing one of us, I made another portrait for a couple of our friends, Paul & Philana, back in Perth!

Joined a workshop conducted by a mate of mine, Teresa, and made another super quick couple portrait for my friend, Evan, as it just so happened to be her birthday that day!

Addicted. It's just too much fun.

If you want a custom couple portrait of your own or for a loved one, hit me up at my shop  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Binding & Marbling Workshop

Had the opportunity a few weeks back to conduct a book binding and marbling workshop in a friend's beautiful garden.

These are pictures of how it went!

Marbled paper all left out in the back garden to dry

Then we're off to binding and building our signatures

4 hard hours later, the girls have their books all pretty and done up!

This is how a book looks:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Had just the most wonderful opportunity to work with Whitney from Myrtle to illustrate her FW13 lookbook!

I could choose any of my favourite looks from what she carried, and these were what came of it:

Samantha Pleet's Fortune Dress

Ilana Kohn's Scallop Mickey Dress

Feralchilde's Smock Dress

Dusen Dusen's Blocks Fall Shift Dress under Grid Cardigan.
(I just couldn't resist drawing myself in this :p)

Please go check it out!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Leatherrr Panther

Hiya guys! 

I've gotten into leather making these days! It's ridiculously fun. 
To me, it's like a combination of doing metal work and fabric due to the tools involved. 
I'm hoping to explore more into this. 

Till then, here are some instagram piccies and videos: