Thursday, May 26, 2011


Got us yet another new toy the other day! :D

Not only was it on sale at the amazing price of $199, but it came along with a choice of a free gift! Choose between a pair of fabric scissors, or a sewing kit. It was a hard decision to make, but I finally decided on the (last) pair of good shears :)

Had a bit of trouble with the machine itself (first machine we got busted, had to go back to the store on the next day to get it exchanged) + threading the machine & loading the bobbin. High school did give us a crash course on sewing back in the days of Home Economics, but I was 14 years old and too "cool" to care.

Yet all's good, all's good! Surprised even myself!

Sew project #1: tote bag!
We did a test run by putting Lights in it and carried her around the house for a bit.
Verdict: Sturdy - Survived Lights' 1000-leg-kungfu attack.

Moving on to screen-printing experiments-s-s!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Testament to how much the Japanese love their cats:

My mom works in a company, which deals with supplying/wholesaling of Japanese products. She often buys back cartons and cartons of food home.

We have used one of these cardboard boxes as Lights' nestling place, not knowing it concealed a clever design.

Perforated cat face to make a kitty house!

What a lovely surprise, is it not?

If you've been wondering, Lights is doing excellent!
We may not have green fingers (Basil died), but we certainly have cat thumbs =^.^=V

Whenever I'm at my table working, she'll be in her little tupperware box beneath me.

Since I've quit my perm job, we've been playing boardgames of late.

She sitting cosy watching us play a game of Mastermind

Even taking a shot at Scrabble too!

Plus, we got her a bell!

Look how big she's gotten. She's doubled her size in just a few months!

Also, I have turned into one of those people, who can talk about nothing other than their feline friend. You can be sure too I'm gonna be one of those people who go: "OH! LOOK AT MY HUMAN BABY! AW ISN'T S/HE KEEEWWWWTTTTT?"

You've been warned.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kitchen fun time

We baked, okay more like chilled, a cheesecake today!

It's my Auntie Chai's recipe. Digestive biscuits for the base, cream cheese + canned peaches (she used pineapple chunks, but we decided we like peaches better) for the bulk of it, fresh strawberries for the second tier, and lime green jello for the top!

It's definitely sugar galore, meaning my kiddie cousins will like it and hopefully devour it all! :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday, we headed down to Art Friend and got ourselves some toys!

A sheet of linoleum
A set of cutters
A bench hook
A few paintbrushes
A bottle of black fabric paint; and
2 bottles of ceramic paints - grey + red

It was fun/stressful making stamps. This is after all, my very first attempt at cutting (or rather, carving with) lino. I am quite happy with the results. Surprised even! Plus I've only given myself one tiny gash - yes, I expected more.

Wrong ink used of course. Poster paint doesn't really quite do the job, but am quite excited of all the possibilities I can achieve now!

More experimentation-tion-tions! More, I say!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Basil's not doing too well. Maybe, it's because Basil's going through gender issues, what with us calling 'her' him, and him 'her' sometimes.

In our last attempt to save her (and earn ourselves some green-thumb badges), we gave her a pot transplant (more space for her wiggly roots to grow), fed her some medication (fertiliser tablets), and put her on life support (chopsticks!).

We hope this does her good. Her leaves are still kinda droopy but we are hoping for the best. Lights is very worried about her. For some strange reason, Basil and her seem to have founded a strange kind of feline-plantae bond.

I guess too, we have finally decided, Basil's a she.
One less thing for her troubled mind, now she can solely concentrate on recuperating!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New clothes!!

So excited about the purchases I bought from Zara!

This pencil skirt fits like a glove.

2 in 1 mastery

& this tulip dress is a dream.
The perfect cut! Never had I ever had a dress that fit me so beautifully!

This season at Zara is literally, MY season. I collected a whole bundle full of clothes to try on within minutes! Jian and Aaron were probably disgusted with me. But, ai yai yai!

Now, if I had the excess ka-ching!, I would go on ahead and get me these other beauties:

The black version in this flattering cut, of course

This super flirty dress in my favourite colour

& this bag!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

The way to happy

I think, this is gonna be yet another fresh new start.

I am thoroughly amazed at how the chapters end and begin in my book.

Just this morning, I had the weight of a heifer on my shoulders.
The weight of a heifer I need not bear.

Tonight, I am light again!

I am feeling fantastic just sitting here in the comfort of my own room, thinking of the things I want to create/am gonna create, with Lights and Basil by my side.

Oh! Have I mentioned? Basil's our new plant pet and he smells absolutely lovely! I dare say Jian has mastered the skill of picking out simple + charming gifts.

I shall close this day and this chapter with a poignant quote from Jerry Greenfield:
"If it's not fun, why do it?"

Secret to Happiness

Monday, May 9, 2011

Website's Up!

It's been a while, but for those who have been waiting, thank you for your patience.
I present to you >> Borris Rum

Thursday, May 5, 2011