Friday, July 27, 2012

In sober anticipation

Decided to re-visit a previous design of my fox print. 

You might remember this from months ago:

Prints were too small and way too laborious for orders. Not in my favourite cut either.
So I up-ed the size of my little foxy faces and went with a sky blue fabric, rather than a cobalt for a lighter / breezier feel.

I normally start my designs by coming up with swatches.

If I like what I see, I go on ahead and start cutting up my dress patterns. 
If not, I go back to the drawing board to do more  shaving & fine-tuning to my stamps.
I also pre-wash my fabric, as colours stay on better with that.

Compared to all the other dresses I've made for sale, this one really is labour-intensive. 

Every detail to the fox (it's general face, ears, vest, eyes, nose), is individually hand-printed on.
This is a dress that definitely does not happen with a snap of a finger.

But, hand-printing (though not in a rush of things) can be very enjoyable, and very therapeutic. 
Plus, the end result of your sweatshop labour totally pays off.

Once my prints are finished, I let it air-dry and seal off with a hot iron after.

Now, is the part where I wiggle my fingers in glee:

I turn my canvas into a dress!

Someone once thanked me for making wearable art. That statement to me, is still just - wow. Absolutely floored.
I mostly make my clothes for me. I would never think for anybody else to like them too! 

In appreciation of God, who's put me in this position & thank you everyone for your support. 
It's been quite unbelievable where I am today. 

Fox dress will be up on Etsy once my issue with Paypal resolves 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Delay by Design

So I've quit my day job, which finally leaves me time to work on Etsy, wedding plans and an illustration work I still owe.
As if another lesson for me to learn, Paypal doesn't want to cooperate with me.
So I'm finishing up on previous orders, and putting my shop on hiatus till my issue with Paypal resolves.
Thinking of coming up with some new items for the shop maybe in the meantime.

But, all this non 9-5 job time allows me to enjoy the outdoors.
I've also discovered that I really enjoy skateboarding (minus the part where it makes one calf larger than the other).

Saturday was such a gorgeous, relaxing day.

Monday, July 9, 2012