Monday, January 21, 2013

Cat Scarf

I had this textile idea for a while. 
It was first actualised on my couch covers. You might remember them.

On realising it on articles of clothing, I figured, a scarf would be best. 
And with all these rainy days we're having, what could be better?

With a 37" x 37" piece of silk voile, I roll-hemmed the edges before painting the borders with turquoise fabric paint.

Next, cat faces go on with a block printing technique I usually work with.

Some yellow diamonds follow after

Fine details are left to the end

Tea-stained later, to lend a quiet vintage tone

Then, voila!
We gots cat scarf.

With that, 2 new things are added to the shop today!
Go to see more of them!
And, isn't Lights silly with her tongue stuck out like this?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Missus, mind you

You guys, sorry about the 2 months hiatus! 
2012 was pretty crazy for us. Lots of unexpectedness and our journey of getting married was arduous,
but thank God for His wonderful grace and compassion on us.

We FINALLY got hitched on 29th December! Coincidentally, that's my birthday too :D

And just like that, suddenly minus all dramas, we've been easily married for a week odd now.

As promised, my shop is now back up!
And as an added bonus, we would love for you to celebrate all the wonderfulness God has blessed us with, with this special discount code:

Just type in BLESSED2013 to enjoy a 20% discount during check out!
Discount will be running throughout the entire month of January :)

8 days late but nevertheless Happy New Year,  my dear kittens! xx