Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Illustration Friday

Second time participating in IF! This week's theme's LAYER. Initially, I thought about cake, but thought that that was kinda anticipated. I thought of winter clothes too. Decided to rule that out after trawling through submissions, as quite a few participants were already on the same train of thought. I then thought long and hard, for surely! There must be more to layering than just cakes and clothes! I then had another brainwave about stacking triangles together and forming pyramids. I asked Jian: "Hey, if I gave you a theme of 'layers' what would you draw?" "A deck of cards fanning out?" "Interesting.."

That's when I combined the two thoughts together to come up with card pyramids :)
Papi's always my muse, xx.

Hairy says: "Bye-bye!"

Hairy Sam departed for Christchurch last night. I'm glad to see her go. Though, not in a "good riddance!" sort of way, but rather more of a "it's about time" kind of way. I hope by this she'd gain perspective, grow; yet essentially, still keep the very core that makes her, her.

So, here's an All the best.
May you be courageous when faced with alien encounters.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feline of my dreams

Our friend, The Indie Cat, has graciously lent us, photographic-noobs, his Nikon D70. Since then, we've been trigger happy, learning how to work the camera. Still feeling my way around this, here are some photos I took today:

This is Feral. Like the name suggests, our neighbourhood's feral cat. It has a fantastical breezy personality about it (not at all manja either!). Feral loves sitting on Jian, much to his dismay. It's not the first time it's done this. I wish it'd come sit on my lap instead! I love it and want to smuggle it home! I would too, if my other neighbours weren't terribly in love with it as well.

Abandonment of self

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with kids the other day. Everything about a child is just precious. You think a child needs you, but really, more than anything else, you need that child. You need that child's uncluttered mind. You need that child's spirit. You need that child's uninhibitedness. You need that child's vulnerability. You're once again reminded of how terribly shrivelled and shrunken you've become. You're reminded again of all the amazing possibilities that existed (and still exist!) outside your restricted self-imposed linear dimensions.

This is what it is. For eyes illuminated.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is all too amazing! When I was back in Perth, before we even decided to move countries, I'd learnt that Blonde Redhead would be touring Australia, just sadly not in Perth! Of course, I went on an all time mama of a drama rant on Twitter. I whined about how I wouldn't be able to catch them, about how I probably missed my one opportunity of catching them, and about how I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I whined on and on before I finally settled into a state of reluctant acceptance. (Aren't I a delight to follow on Twitter?)

Few days after we decided to give Singapore a shot, I some how got wind (through Twitter again) that Blonde Redhead's last tour destination would be here, in Singapore! I don't think the level of my disbelief's well portrayed here - Because, HAWTDYAM! Never would I ever, (ever!) thought they would come down to teeny tiny Singapore!

But, here they are, in beautiful, electronic, trippy dreaminess. They were amazing!

No pictures with them, but a "bootlegged" recording of their last set, Equus, + meeting them in person more than suffices.

Chai: So glad to meet you!
Simone: Glad to meet you too, thanks for coming!
Chai: No worries.
Simone: By any chance now, are you Australian?
Chai: No, but I just came back from there. He's one though! (pointed at Jian)
Simone: Ah, that'd make sense. So you caught it from him! They are always saying "no worries!" over there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spores in our pores

We spent one good week cleaning and clearing, packing and pushing, loading and moving all our stuff in Perth and then later, one more week, here in Singapore.

I think it's not too much to say: I don't want to move ever again!
(At least not anymore in the rabbit year.)

Good news is, we are liking our new room very much!
Bad news is, over the intense killer summer heat in Perth, we've developed some kind of nasty fungal infection on our skin from perspiring. Or rather, I did; which I passed on, shortly after, to Jian..

We need some kind of superstar anti-fungal cream. 2-5 weeks to clear this grossness/itchiness out is way too long! :(

Terrible feeble human body,
You're already decaying whilst I'm still alive.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let go

I'm home. Festivities have died down. It was a good five days; but now, reality has set in.
Thinking about my career makes me terribly un-cheerful. I think I need to be changing the way I'm thinking.

Come, good things!
I'm here; expectant, in anticipation!