Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Giving Tree

Jian and I had the lovely opportunity to do voluntary work by painting murals for YWCA. Painting murals has always been something in my life I hoped to do - what d'you know? God has wonderfully put it in my path.

Phillane has been working with YWCA for a while now in regards to this project. Long story short - she needed helpers, we lent our hands. Phillane developed a plantation concept for this particular room and we were to execute it. The entire painting took roughly 20 hours in a span of 3 days. By the end of it, my painting hand was sore and my knees went weak. It was a challenge, alright. Biggest painting/collaboration Jian and I have ever done, but I do think we did well, even if I should say so myself.

Front of the room (apple trees)

Side of the wall

Back of the room (orange trees)

We just couldn't resist "carving" our initials into the trees like old world romantics do.

Huge room, huge project; but, things are somehow always easier with this man by my side, xx.

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