Monday, January 21, 2013

Cat Scarf

I had this textile idea for a while. 
It was first actualised on my couch covers. You might remember them.

On realising it on articles of clothing, I figured, a scarf would be best. 
And with all these rainy days we're having, what could be better?

With a 37" x 37" piece of silk voile, I roll-hemmed the edges before painting the borders with turquoise fabric paint.

Next, cat faces go on with a block printing technique I usually work with.

Some yellow diamonds follow after

Fine details are left to the end

Tea-stained later, to lend a quiet vintage tone

Then, voila!
We gots cat scarf.

With that, 2 new things are added to the shop today!
Go to see more of them!
And, isn't Lights silly with her tongue stuck out like this?

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