Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everybody, meet Lights

Two nights ago, I had one of them good dreams.

I was walking down the steps from my unit when on the floor, by the drainpipes, there was a note left for me with 3 superbly cute kittens. The note read: "A gift for you."

The first kitten was entirely black, the second I do not remember, but the other was grey and had brown patches all over it. I remembered it clearest, because in between the kitty's eyes was a bold orange patch in contrast with its grey coat.

As you all would know, I've been talking about wanting a kitty for ages. I was more than overjoyed, even if it were a dream.

I woke up all excited telling Jian about it.

Last night, while I was out with my colleagues, I had a text from Rachel.

"Hey, do you want a kitten! My brother found 2 but his gf can only keep 1."

I replied: "OMG YES!!!!! OMG I DO!!!!!"

Her brother delivered the kitty to our house. It wasn't till two hours later that I finally got to lay eyes on my gorgeous pet.

I recognised it immediately.

I can't explain it but, indeed. This truly is the kitten from my dream.

I am missing it so much at work! :(




  2. IT'S SO CUTE!! My American friends here are all crazy cat ladies and they keep sharing photos of their cute little fuzzes haha, I'm gonna show them yours now!

    And, gracie??