Saturday, March 19, 2011

A work-related post

So, the other day. I was standing up on a chair, trying to adjust the height of a poster, when I knocked over a container of tiny pebbles upon climbing on top of the chair.

Young Boy walks into the room at precisely that moment to say: "Gah! You clumsily knocked over all these pebbles!" To which I replied, "Yeah, hey, help me out please? Thanks!"

He proceeded to do what I requested of him and picked up the mess.

Just as I'm done with adjustments of the poster, I look down from the chair to see him catching my up-skirt.

I quickly stepped off the chair and contemplated if I should say anything to him at all. He glanced away, nervously changing the topic to something about Nerf Guns.

I couldn't help but be transported back to scenes of yesteryears, of how terribly embarrassing situations like this was for me with cheeky school boys, when I was still in primary school.

I related the story to Jian after work.

"You should have said something to him!"
"But, I felt so awkward!"
"He's just curious."
"I can't believe a little boy like him could stiffen me up like this."
"Well, why didn't you tell him how you felt then?"
"What was I to say??"
"Tell him he shouldn't be catching your up-skirt and that it isn't right," he paused.
"After all, you know, he looks up to you. Literally... Ha-ha!"

He thinks he's a comedian now.

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