Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Testament to how much the Japanese love their cats:

My mom works in a company, which deals with supplying/wholesaling of Japanese products. She often buys back cartons and cartons of food home.

We have used one of these cardboard boxes as Lights' nestling place, not knowing it concealed a clever design.

Perforated cat face to make a kitty house!

What a lovely surprise, is it not?

If you've been wondering, Lights is doing excellent!
We may not have green fingers (Basil died), but we certainly have cat thumbs =^.^=V

Whenever I'm at my table working, she'll be in her little tupperware box beneath me.

Since I've quit my perm job, we've been playing boardgames of late.

She sitting cosy watching us play a game of Mastermind

Even taking a shot at Scrabble too!

Plus, we got her a bell!

Look how big she's gotten. She's doubled her size in just a few months!

Also, I have turned into one of those people, who can talk about nothing other than their feline friend. You can be sure too I'm gonna be one of those people who go: "OH! LOOK AT MY HUMAN BABY! AW ISN'T S/HE KEEEWWWWTTTTT?"

You've been warned.

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