Thursday, May 12, 2011

The way to happy

I think, this is gonna be yet another fresh new start.

I am thoroughly amazed at how the chapters end and begin in my book.

Just this morning, I had the weight of a heifer on my shoulders.
The weight of a heifer I need not bear.

Tonight, I am light again!

I am feeling fantastic just sitting here in the comfort of my own room, thinking of the things I want to create/am gonna create, with Lights and Basil by my side.

Oh! Have I mentioned? Basil's our new plant pet and he smells absolutely lovely! I dare say Jian has mastered the skill of picking out simple + charming gifts.

I shall close this day and this chapter with a poignant quote from Jerry Greenfield:
"If it's not fun, why do it?"

Secret to Happiness

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