Thursday, July 7, 2011

In a Pool of Dye

Papi's birthday is coming up in a couple of days, and nothing (I'd like to think) says "I love you!" more than self-made presents!

Bought one of those ah pek 3-in-1 shirt packs, and thought to make him some RAD tie-dyes.

Couldn't resist the urge of making one for myself. It's just much too much to let Jian be all psychedelic and groovy on his own..

Also, I've attempted to create a dip-dye halter dress out of the last remaining shirt, but the "dress" is way too short + hoochie-mama to wear out. Guess it's for Jian's eyes only.. OoOoo, more pressies for him ;P

Got busy with another sew project, this time, a mountain top. You can't really see it from the picture, but I've sewn on a breast pocket too on the right.

With so much sewing lately, it feels like I've neglected my drawing. 'Remedy' is this week's Illustration Friday topic. Maybe I should take a whack at it.

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