Friday, July 22, 2011


I was youtubing earlier on how to make pants, but somehow or another got distracted, and started looking at videos on how to make skinnies.

Remembering I've a pair of jeans I wish were skinnier, and the tutes didn't look too difficult, I decided it's time I make my dream jeans happen.

The offending pair of jeans:

Whenever I go look at the mirror and complain about these jeans, Jian would go: "But baby! They are already skinny! How skinny do you want it? You girls."

On hind side, looking at this photo now, the jeans do look rather skinny. Yet, it still feels slightly baggy! Especially lower calf region.

Oh jeggings, how you have spoilt me!

See looseness near ankle? I'm not being ridiculous here.

After 2 hours later (and several deep scratches from pushpins on legs while taking un-sewn jeans off..)

Dream Jeans Success!

DIY ultra skinnies :D

I've actually trimmed from hip down all the way to ankles, disregarding what some tutes say of only from knees/calf down. I've also hemmed my jeans.

Man, learning how to sew is probably the best thing I've picked up. Now, I've got another pair of slightly baggy washed jeans I literally haven't worn in years (since before uni days!) because it's too baggy.

Guess what I'm gonna do with it? ;)

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