Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lesson #1 for my unborn child

Listen to your gut. You know that tingle in the air where you feel as if something enchanting or terrible is going to happen? Chances are, that moment will come and you aren't wrong about that hunch. Do not listen to your dim-witted logic. Do not let that "logic" lead you astray!

I'm am trying to stay positive in all this weariness. Yet, it's all chipper cause I've gotten a direction, and it's all pointing up.

A serie of oddity had occurred and I'm taking things as they come.

Several things I have pulled in from behind to be my focus. I have about given everything else a chance, and everything else had been no cure to my languor. (This only goes to prove its good value and worth.)

What's it to you I do not know. But for me, this is it.
Excuse me for my ambiguousness, for I do wish to conceal.

I guess, I am already on that (natural) path to being a happy, as my mom puts it, 太太.
And what's best about it is, it's all going to something that lasts.

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