Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get to work

Definitely lacking a bit of drive since being on break for a whole month last December. My mind and determination sort of just dissipated. Feeling a sort of need to re-organise my room, so I can have a fixed sewing area, instead of having to constantly unplug my machine from the dining table every time we have guests over.

With the machine gone and not in sight, I don't work and things stay stagnant. It's a very psychological thing, it seems.

I find this other bit a struggle too. Clearly, having money is a motivational factor. Yet, I do not want to make it the sole factor for me working. I'm trying to figure out this balance here.

Whatever it is, there's a definite need to sort my physical space out, then my mental space can be clear too. It really is a psychological thing.

No more dreaming now.

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