Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is all too amazing! When I was back in Perth, before we even decided to move countries, I'd learnt that Blonde Redhead would be touring Australia, just sadly not in Perth! Of course, I went on an all time mama of a drama rant on Twitter. I whined about how I wouldn't be able to catch them, about how I probably missed my one opportunity of catching them, and about how I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I whined on and on before I finally settled into a state of reluctant acceptance. (Aren't I a delight to follow on Twitter?)

Few days after we decided to give Singapore a shot, I some how got wind (through Twitter again) that Blonde Redhead's last tour destination would be here, in Singapore! I don't think the level of my disbelief's well portrayed here - Because, HAWTDYAM! Never would I ever, (ever!) thought they would come down to teeny tiny Singapore!

But, here they are, in beautiful, electronic, trippy dreaminess. They were amazing!

No pictures with them, but a "bootlegged" recording of their last set, Equus, + meeting them in person more than suffices.

Chai: So glad to meet you!
Simone: Glad to meet you too, thanks for coming!
Chai: No worries.
Simone: By any chance now, are you Australian?
Chai: No, but I just came back from there. He's one though! (pointed at Jian)
Simone: Ah, that'd make sense. So you caught it from him! They are always saying "no worries!" over there!

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