Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spores in our pores

We spent one good week cleaning and clearing, packing and pushing, loading and moving all our stuff in Perth and then later, one more week, here in Singapore.

I think it's not too much to say: I don't want to move ever again!
(At least not anymore in the rabbit year.)

Good news is, we are liking our new room very much!
Bad news is, over the intense killer summer heat in Perth, we've developed some kind of nasty fungal infection on our skin from perspiring. Or rather, I did; which I passed on, shortly after, to Jian..

We need some kind of superstar anti-fungal cream. 2-5 weeks to clear this grossness/itchiness out is way too long! :(

Terrible feeble human body,
You're already decaying whilst I'm still alive.

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