Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In His Time

The weekend was hectic, yet thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely, one of the best weekends I've had :)

Saturday - Jeff and Phillane's wedding! 

They had gone through so much in the 11 months of planning, and to see it finally happening, it's all too wonderful and I'm so glad for them. 

The new Siaws on the block!

I've been looking forward to this day since November of last year!
So excited I bought my outfit and thought of the gifts to make them months and months before (haha)!

Sewn and painted these pillowcases a while back, and finally, now that the wedding is past, I can post them here!

 Jian painted a couple of cups for them as well

Hope they'll like them!

But, I won't deny it. The best part about attending the wedding was the chance where Jian and I could dress up! Might be a bit embarrassing to say, but we don't really get the opportunity to dress this fancy.

(Silly papi, looking all smug with half his lids closed)

It was a beautiful God-centered wedding, and I'm so honoured to be a part of it.
We wish you both bliss and happiness. May God continue to bless your marriage and may you place your trust in Him always. He will carry you through :)


Sunday, it was church, choir practice then a short nap before heading out to dinner with my Sunday School class. A nice time spent sharing and giving thanks, before Jian and I had to leave haphazardly to catch the last of The Lion King!

I'm so glad I've finally managed to persuade Jian to go catch it with me. It was so much more than I expected! The set, the props, the colours, the dancers! Everything was so alive! I have no words to describe the experience, except for fantastical!

It being the last show, the entire crew got up on stage after to say their thanks and goodbyes. You could feel a tinge of sadness for them having to leave after being here in Singapore for 8 months.

Jian: "Woah! Next time, for any musicals, we'll catch the last show! Then we'll always get an extra special bit to it!"

A terrific night, besides the fact that I had to deal with a pounding headache which pounced on me out of nowhere + kept walking into a rough estimate of some probably mid-30 year old caucasian wearing the same dress as I at the musical + walking about all over town after the show in the attempt of finding a cab but failing to + missing the last bus that went home from the esplanade, then catching another that went to Thomson instead, to make a what seemed like awful situation better, buying home some "tofu sweets", what one of Jian's Aussie mates call it (A.K.A tau huey), home.


  1. I like your first and last dress hahahaha who took the photos? Mommy?? And it looks as if you guys are taking shots for your wedding too hahahha ;P

    hairy sam

  2. don't be silly.
    yeah, mummy took it