Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Years Old

We celebrated our second anniversary yesterday, Jian and I.

Here are some pictures of what we got for one another:

A sketchbook combination of a Singlish dictionary for him
& the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and a dreamy ring for me

We spent the night at the Night Safari watching animals and walking in the misty, cool air of our rainforest.

Kind of a bizarre feeling how time doesn't match reality.
So much has changed within these couple of years that made it seem like we've been together for much longer.

I was aiming to write something sweet, something romantic, something poetic even, but words fail me.

My mind hurtles back to the events that almost broke us. The revelation of lies, the secrets, the mistakes; the address of the darkness, and the denial. Yet for some strange reason, only by the grace of God, we forgive. We accept. We persevere. We hope. We believe. We strive. We love. We overcome.

It could be said, that we are like two pieces of diamonds in the rough - used as a tool to sharpen the other in the process of girdling.
I see myself the clearest when I'm with him. I see the things I'm lacking in. I see the changes that need to occur in me.
He is, like no-one else, my soul mate.

Two years in itself, is nothing. Yet, these two years have also been everything.


Happy anniversary, papi.
Here's to us growing like trees.


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