Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lights in a weeek

She has learnt to appreciate heights and is finally brave enough to jump down from height of roughly 3 metres.

Her favourite hang out spot now is on the kitchen sink, near an open window -

- where she can gaze intently at swooping/squawking birds outside

I really don't know what is it that makes me want to take so many photos of Lights. Truth be told, I really do follow Lights around the house with my phone wherever she goes (well, rationally, of course). I have over 3000 odd photos in my iPhone and content of it, let's just put it this way, is almost a hundred percent of her. 

It's debatable if I have an issue (and maybe being cooped up working at home might be something of relation to this), but ..

How can you not want to capture moments like this of this stunning creature??


It's crazy! I am a crazy cat lady!

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