Monday, October 3, 2011

Tie-Dye 太太s!

I got the boys over for a tie-dye session Saturday. 
Made them a little brunch and Ty contributed a beautiful salad.

I'm quite surprised by how much the boys actually loved tie-dyeing. So much so, that we decided there is going to be a regular meet for craft + brunch for us, The Tie-Dye Tai Tais (what we have called ourselves, thanks to Parsadika the Tibetian Prince's ingenuity).

The shirts look bright and fine now - but, when it actually came down to making our tie-dyes a success, it all went down the drain. Literally.

Earlier on, while preparing the dye solution, I had forgotten the all important step of adding salt to the mix. All colour ran out after a machine wash :(

Why is salt so important? What does it do? How does it work?!

It was rather disappointing to say the least. I had never failed in my tie-dye efforts, but the day I invite my friends over for a party, I bungled. 

Taking it in comfort, it was for the better, as some attempts of being avant-garde (developing never been done before tie-dye techniques) really didn't turn out well. Think blood clots & tumours. 

However, in my never say die attitude, I redid a shirt with the last remaining bottle of tulip dye.

Very glad it turned out well, and I even tinkered with the scissors a little!

Plus a good one from the previous batch, before all things went pear-shaped.


Nevertheless, some awesome time spent with some awesome people.
Try again next time, Tie-Dye 太太s!

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