Friday, September 16, 2011


Jian and I came back from Ipoh the other day. 

No big holiday or large amounts of gorgeous photos to show. 
It was just a quick trip down and back up again. Main purpose was to visit Jian's extended.

 Like a blast to the past. Had to shower with a scoop.
Quite certain nothing's changed over a 100 years.
Not much to do, not much to see.
Food was good, but!

We had these prawns which their heads were the size of my palm.
(Think lobster cross prawn hybrid.)
They could even make 2 dishes out of them, that's how big they were!
First dish, stir-fried bodies. Second dish, steamed craniums.
I have only a photo of their thinkers, below.

No photos of its juicy flesh cause my hands were too covered with their deliciousness to snap a shot. But, trust me.
Those fresh water prawns were unreal.


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