Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project Cushion

On a mission to transform my living room into a studio space, I decided to spruce it up and make it mine (as much as my mom possibly allows me).

So I made some hand-dyed cushions yesterday!

Took me a good few hours to make 3 cushion covers. Too long a time, I reckon, for I kept making silly mistakes. I repeatedly sewed zips on the wrong side of the fabric. I too, had Britney's "Oops, I Did It Again" destructively and uncontrollably playing in my head.

It was a trying time. But, I pulled through!

Here they are, balled up & ready to be dyed. 


I probably should have listened to Jian regarding letting it sit longer in the sink. But, I am the impatient type, So I washed and dried it out after two hours of soaking.

I almost immediately regretted my unwillingness to wait when they came out of the washer. It turned a mildew colour (my mom calls it) instead of the bold grey it was when they were first unwrapped.


I went to sleep pretty troubled and disappointed, thinking of more ways where I could better these slips.

After a night of unrested sleep, I got up anxiously to find the cushions a delightfully soft silvery-grey in the morning light!


My phone can't quite capture the fine wisps and textures of the tie-dye, but I am loving how the covers turned out. They look almost like moon crevices.

Now with these done. I can move on to my next home project (more about that later)!

Also, if you're wondering what is Lights doing in all my pictures, I will explain. I'm not sure if all cats are like this, but Lights is just a very curious feline and loves being involved in all that I do. Be it sewing, mixing up dyes, painting, or even cooking!

However, one thing she hates, it's music. Should anyone strum a guitar, or play the piano, she runs far, far away.

Other than the bit where she's lacking in musicality, I guess, I count my blessings with such a loveable cat.


  1. Haha I used to think you would pick her up and coerce her to be in photos hahaha

  2. that's why I knew I needed to get that disclaimer out there