Thursday, September 1, 2011

It is good

Got some cupcakes from one of my students as a teacher's day gift yesterday. A first!

An unbelievably nice gesture. Yet ironically, what a bittersweet feeling it was too, as it was my last day teaching the kid(s) at VMAS.

Growing up, I never saw myself teaching. Yet, suddenly, almost overnight, I became a teacher.

The most wonderful thing about this job, is that you're actually imparting something beneficial to another human being. You're imparting knowledge.

You see a young child who knew nothing about playing the piano before, he now knows how to read music, to understand music, to correspond that to which he sees with his eyes, with his fingers, his ears; and hopefully in time, relate to it with his heart and soul.

What a wonderful opportunity I have been given to teach music to children from as young as 3! I don't regret having join VMAS. It's just an awful pity that the place is not what I thought it'd be.

I have been through quite a bit in this short 7-8 month stint. Went through many phases, and fought many battles. I am tremendously happy and relieved that I have finally left the place (joy in chorus). Yet, I am most definitely, a little heartbroken about having to leave the kids and a few of my colleagues behind. There's quite a bitter taste in my mouth too, but with the situation as it was/is, it's almost unavoidable.

A good experience nonetheless - shook me up the right way.

Here's to boldness + good faith + guided pathways!

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