Friday, September 23, 2011

Sequences and Sequencing

It's been a very interesting past few days! 

Headed out to Lykke Li's gig at The Esplanade.


A great gig. She can do no wrong in my books. 


Got my hands dirty with Playground for the project Unleashed
Had a grand time smelling paint fumes and silk-screening on newspapers :)

These are the posters

& this is my freneighbour Ty


Made my way down to a Dutch Market too. Thought there would be more crafty things to look at. Instead, it was just lots of re-selling of purchased jewellery from "exotic" places like Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. 

Had a good lunch with Janice nonetheless that further re-structured my thought patterns. 

I have some exciting adventures lined up for me which, I can credit it to no more than divine providence. Gonna be in mode top-secrecy, till it's all confirmed (which, in good faith, should be).  

The umbilical cord to several negativities in my life has been cut off, and I too, have lifted the fog of potential depressing uncertainty about me. I've never been made more aware of the kind of energy I want around me, and have never been more convicted of surrounding myself with such influences.

To whom who makes all things possible! Lead on.

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