Friday, February 3, 2012

Feline Friends

Last night, we met one of my neighbours, a good soul who takes care of the resident cats. He had names for every cat that loitered around the block, and even knew the history of each. (Particularly so in the cat romance department.) Not only does he feeds them, he brings them to the vet to get them neutered as such. Feral, one of Jian's and mine fav cats, recently gotten into a terrific cat fight, which left her with bare patches and open wounds above her left eye and underneath her chin. Crazy Cat Uncle brought her to the hospital and he just released her back to the void decks.

Obviously, we got into the topic of the cats we keep. I call him Crazy Cat Uncle, only due to the fact of how much he loves cats, showing us tonnes of pictures of his cats on his mobile, even renovating his house to suit his feline friends' comfort! He has window grills with cat faces cutout for his cats to lookout from, a measure which prevents them from falling out of his 14-storey apartment, cat doors installed in all his rooms' doors, cat figurines displayed all over his place, and was even wearing a I Love Cats T-shirt.

When we mentioned Lights, he was all too eager to meet her.

Jian and I agreed that yes, he is a bit loopy, but an alright, almost lovable, harmless kind of loopy. Plus, he's such a big heart for the cats downstairs. Seems like it too, that he's a cat expert. I'm glad we're getting to know more of our neighbours :)

To commemorate this event, I'm putting up my extra cat tote left from Spur up on Etsy too, along with its K9 counterpart.