Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sale price buttons

Not that my Shiny isn't great, but really. Manually loading that thing one tiny letter by another, can make me snappy real fast (especially, if a letter should ever fall out and go missing). Shiny served me well but I decided , it is time to move on! So, I've came up with a design logo, and headed down a place to get it carved.

I'm terrifically excited and I can't wait to collect my rubber stamp on Friday. If this place does it well, oh! would I have (wedding invites) plans for them!

Speaking further on wedding plans: I'm on a hand-stitching frenzy making bridesmaid invites! So far, I've churned out one for my sister. Handed it to her just before her flight back to New Zealand. I'm not some hand-stitching queen, so I hope my bridesmaids will appreciate my efforts and say "YES!".

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