Thursday, February 23, 2012

IF: Fluid

This week's Illustration Friday's theme is Fluid.

Immediately the first thing that came into my head was gaseous states in glass bottles & how applicable that was to life in general.

Whether or not you have a hard time at life, depends on how fluid you are as a person. There is a pre-formed mould of what our individual lives should be, already pre-determined for us. It is the purpose of our lives. As gas filling a bottle, you wouldn't know what your life entails till you encounter it.

You might have narrow bits to go through. You might not. You might have more than one narrow bits to go through. You might not.

Question is, are you willing to accept that? If you're willing to bend, be fluid, you'll see in stages the beauty of the glass bottle that is your life.
If you're un-malleable, hard as steel, you will never go through that glass bottle, and will in the end shatter it completely.

There isn't a choice of not going through our glass bottles though. That's equivalent as choosing not to exist.
It's folly, because you already exist.


  1. I like your soft simple drawing style. and the soft washes. Very nice.

  2. Thanks Bron!
    It's my first time experimenting with opacity, though I'm glad you liked it :)