Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh! 2012 Tiong Bahru

A rather enjoyable time spent at Oh! yesterday. Being so used to HDBs, given an opportunity to look into these art-decor architecture and actually compare the differences between a SIT and HDB, was just maximum plus points for the exhibition with me.

No disrespect to the artists who participated, I've got the most out of the traditional grilles.


Compared to our modern grilles, these are just spectacular. The amount of thought put in them, especially the ones with their sir names pictured together to form the design of a grille (didn't manage to snap a photo), is thoroughly impressive. Modern grills are absolutely lifeless in that sense.


  1. Guanyu's dad designed a few grilles too, in fact the one at his house features both his parents name!

    1. oh yes, i think you've mentioned this once before