Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Cat Colleague

If you were to ask me what's the most difficult thing to deal with working from home, I will swiftly say without a doubt -
My cat colleague.

Lights is a downright meanie when she wants to be.
She's so moody and her behaviour's just unpredictable!
One minute, she's the sweetest most affectionate little thing.
The next, she runs over to you from all the way across the living room, and nips you at your ankle over absolutely nothing!
Everything is one big game with her.

I bring out fabric to work on the floor, 


I bring out my sewers pins

Lights thinks: TREATIES!!

I leave my measuring tape on the floor

Lights goes at it viciously like it's a snake

I mean, I'm glad she enjoys being around me when I work, but seriously!

In between having to stop work half-way cutting up my patterns and chasing Lights around with a spray, catching then scruffing & disciplining her,
my cat colleague cuts my work efficiency by half.

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