Thursday, March 29, 2012

Printing Process

I start off my moustache dress by first cutting out my patterns piece by piece, then overlocking their sides with a serger to prevent them from fraying.
After I've all my pieces ready, I let them sit in a hot tea bath of my kitchen sink for half an hour or so.
Once they turn a beautiful blush, I wring them out and let them dry overnight.
I then press them the next morning.

I generally use our dining table for my printing work as it's the largest table in the house. It is also in the area with most light. I'm looking forward to the day where Jian and I get our own place, and I'll finally be able to set up a workroom of my own. It can get a bit disorientating when I don't have a fixed working space, but I manage.

The mos are printed on with fabric paint, with a little stamp I've made out of linoleum and cork. 
One can honestly make and create many a thing with just a bit of ingenuity.

The printing goes on throughout all my pieces.
Once completed, they go back to the iron to get sealed in after being let air-dried.

Lights, at this stage of the process, normally sits and watch me work.

Then, voila

My pieces are now all printed and ready for sewing.


  1. love this dress and love your style! :D

    1. oh! thank you for visiting my blog :D
      I just absolutely love your origami brooches!

  2. do you sew the dress yourself? And what do you use to prevent fraying? Have you considered using a different material? Or do you need specific fabric paint for silk? I love your fox dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I hope I'll be able to buy it in a month if it's still available. Love your style

    1. Hello!

      Yes, I sew my dresses.

      To prevent fraying, I use an overlock machine. It runs a bind around the edge of my pieces.
      A simple google image search will help you find what I mean :)

      Not at the moment, I'm haven't considered moving from cotton for my clothes. But am definitely considering another fabric for another project I have in my head! I haven't as so much researched if I would need a different type of fabric paint for silk, but I'd believe the one I'm using now could work.

      Thank you so much :D Truly appreciate it.
      Yes, it'll still be up for sale ♥