Thursday, May 8, 2014

Still life

About work:

I embroidered a portrait of a couple who got married on Labour Day

 And dyed some silk yardage 

Then turned it into a custom dress 

I really like working with silk and feeling it against my skin as I sew.
I also really like dyeing yardage. It's the same method I'm doing, but results are unique every time.

 Here, keep me making more of these one of a kind dresses, guys

About plants I'm regenerating:

Carrot, Day 1
This was scrap from making stew last night. Just thought to give it a go. Greens are already growing, which is great.
I love fast growing plants. Sits well with my lack of patience.

Pineapple, Day 0
This is definitely on a whim. While running errands today, I came across a corridor garden and there was a pineapple plant with a tiny baby pineapple growing out of it.
Let's just say I was inspired and wanted one of my own.  

& Loki's little face watching me groove to MØ.
She's my new jam. Give her cover of Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" a listen.

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