Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Upcycled planter

You'd remember I'd two batches of rosemary I'd experimented with propagation. On the right, was my very first attempt. On the left, my second.
You can see how they're almost comparable in their root growth. I found it surprising how it took virtually less than a week for roots to propagate on my second attempt.
Must be how these clippings are less woody than my first.

Since they are ready to be potted, I thought to do a simple tutorial on how to upcycle the useless metal tins I have lying around the house. 

I chose this odd looking shaped one this time, which had a really horrid teddy bear motiff on it.
So obviously, I'm spray painting it gold - taking it from yucks, to lux.

If you, however, have a really good looking container, please feel free to keep it the way it is.
If you don't like gold, you can of course spray paint it any other colour you please.

You would want to do this outside as the fumes can be noxious.
Don't forget to line the ground you'll be spray painting on with newspapers, tarp, or the like.
Spray paint in layers, allowing each coat to dry before spraying on a new one.

The next tools you'll need are a hammer or a mallet, and a phillips head.

The idea is to punch holes through the base of your tin to allow for drainage.

Once you end up with something like this, you're ready to fill it up with soil.
Go ahead and punch more holes through if you like too. A little bit loud, but a very enjoyable activity.

I chose to place some charcoal at the base before piling on the soil to add to drainage. You can add stones if you prefer.

Once you're near the top, create a hole in the middle of your soil and carefully place your plant in. After that's done, cover your roots over with more soil and do a thorough watering to help your plant ease into its new environment.

Voila! Your plant has a new home.

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